Textured polymer printing

Make a statement with textured polymer printing!

What is textured polymer printing?

Textured polymer printing is a technique by which polymer is applied to specific areas of a printed piece in order to highlight certain features or simply to create glossy textures. The resulting raised effect resembles a combination of selective UV varnish and embossing.

Our digital printing technology allows you to order textured print pieces in small, medium, or large quantities.

Why choose textured print pieces?

Glossy textures and designs make your printed products stand out – both to the eye and to the touch.

Using textured polymer printing gets your company noticed and tells people that you care about quality and a job well done, all of which boosts consumers’ and partners’ confidence in your company.

What products can be enhanced with polymers?

Give your imagination free rein! Textured polymer printing enhances the visual impact of a variety of communication materials:

  • Promotional leaflets
  • Corporate presentation kits
  • Cardstock flyers
  • Christmas cards
  • Business cards
  • Gift certificates
  • And much more!

Where is the polymer applied?

Wherever you like! That’s the beauty of this new technology.

Let us know where you wish to apply the polymer – your logo, your company name, or a key part of an image. And take advantage of our expert advice!

You can contact us so that we can discuss the effect you’re looking for and have our professionals create a design for you.

You can also enjoy the benefits of this new technology at a lower cost by simply choosing from 30 predesigned textures and applying your selection to your print piece..

Texture example:

Business forms Business forms

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